Engineering Design & Technology Innovation

SQUID Labs is a unique company which engages in many types of work.  We do consulting and contracting, we conduct our own research and development programs, we commercialize technologies, and operate socially beneficial projects.

Our areas of technical expertise include: Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering, Electrical/electronics engineering, Software development.

mems Research, Development and Commercialization programs
In-house developed technologies in various phases of development and commercialization. If you have a potential interest in collaborating, sponsoring or being a commercialization or manufacturing partner for any of our technologies, we would love to hear from you.
kite Contracting and Consulting
Specializing in outsourced R+D, rapid prototype construction, design-for-manufacturing, multi-disciplinary solutions.  Why spend $250k to have a market research firm throw darts at a wall when we can build you a real working prototype faster and for less money?
howtoons Engineering for Good
We operate a number of social / societal impacting projects which we hope will make a positive impact on the world. Of course we are always looking for sponsors and collaborators to increase the reach of these programs.
tensegrity Exhibitions
Some of our work is on public display.