Engineering Design & Technology Innovation

Some of our many Research, Development and Commercialization projects are listed below.

folding dog Programmed Assembly
Leading research team in programmed assembly, we have demonstrated methods of folding arbitrary 2D and 3D forms from linear strings of components, and have demonstrated functioning systems of autonomous self-assembling robots. Our unique approach is designed to scale to biological and nanorobotic systems.
mems Printed MEMS
Novel route for manufacturing Micro-Electromechanical Systems using super high-resolution printing techniques. Compared with conventional processing this technique is dramatically simpler, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. Electrostatic motors, released cantilevers, and heatuators have all been demonstrated.
electrospun Electrospun Metallic Nanowires
Metallic nanoparticle colloids were electrospun from charged capillaries to a ground plate at 2-20kV to produce nanometer diameter metallic wires. This technique could easily transition to mass-production manufacture of nano-scale filaments. A fabric woven of these filaments could display unsual and desirable properties due to the extremely small size of the filaments.
printed Printed Electronics
Helped to create the field of printed electronics. Developed a technique to deposit all-inorganic materials from a liquid source at resolutions equal to top-of-the-line photolithography. Technology being deployed by Kovio, Inc.
eye Low Cost Eyeglasses
Designed and built patented lens molding technology that can produce any prescription lens in 5-10 minutes from a single mold surface. Won Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition
electronic rope Electronically Sensed Rope
By design of braid architecture and a composite of metallic and polymeric devices E-Rope is its own strain sensor. Different modes of sensing can be designed by tuning the braid. Applications in safety engineering, human computer interfaces, and musical instruments.