Engineering Design & Technology Innovation

Projects we hope will improve the planet.

eye Low Cost Eyeglasses
Designed and built patented lens molding technology that can produce any prescription lens in 5-10 minutes from a single mold surface. Won Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition
howtoons Howtoons
Howtoons are a fast-spreading form of engineering education and excitement. Each is a hands on project summed up in a One-Page cartoon for kids to build, play, & learn with.
instructables Instructables
Instructables is a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it. We hope to make documentation simple and fast. Show your colleagues how to operate a machine, show your friends how to build a kayak, show the world how to make cool stuff.
kite Kites / Zeroprestige
Zeroprestige is a website devoted to the development of kites for kite-powered sports. It explores opensource hardware development and has in excess of 200 contributors worldwide developing our original designs for inflatable kites.